Wendy Hamilton-Gates

Wendy’s passion for Vetiver grass has evolved during her 25 years as a plant grower. As a gardener for John Greenfield, world authority on Vetiver grass in 120 countries, he gave her a plant and said "You should propogate this and start a business!"

Wendy was unfamiliar with the potential of the business with Vetiver grass, however that soon changed when by chance she read an article in the "Growing Today" magazine entitled "Betting on Vetiver" in July 2003. This was a glowing article which gave Wendy the inspiration to further develope her business and for the last 6 years she has worked tirelessly in promoting "The Vetiver System".


Sharon McCarthy

Four years ago Sharon came to learn from Wendy the exciting properties of the Vetiver System and since then has joined with Wendy in cultivating and marketing Vetiver. She has seen the Vetiver System proven as the premier system for preventing soil erosion many times in a variety of circumstances. Now Sharon is an enthusiastic promoter of the system and continues to be excited by its’ green appeal.


Murray Anderson

Murray has two interests in life; growing plants and playing golf, a champion at both! He was playing a round of golf at his local golf course when he came across Vetiver grass holding up the bank on the 13th tee (lucky for some!). Murray started his journey and business with Vetiver grass some five years ago. With a combination of green fingers, meticulous work ethics, attention to detail and a state of the art tunnel house, Murray has become a truly valued contract grower to Vetiver Nurseries.


Our team forms a tight knit group that works together and endeavors to promote this unique plant and to personally advise our clients on solutions. We wish you all success in your planting of 'The Vetiver System' and we reiterate, you can 'Bet on Vetiver,' natures answer for your erosion concerns.

 Time to go fishing!

Cheers from Wendy, Sharon & Murray












The Team