Wendy loads 300 plants on Pallets ready for delivery to Hawkes Bay, via "Toll/TGE  Carriers" 



Murray, grower extrodinare !! Loads 150 Vetiver for delivery to New Zealand's temperate regions. 


Bio bag Vetiver plants are sold out (We are taking orders for spring 2024).


Bio bag plants under 100 --$8.99 +GST ea

Bio bag plants over 100--$7.99 +GST ea

Rapid Planter tool 7.5cm x 17cm--$35 +GST (with plants)

Pb3 long plants under 100--$9.99 +GST ea

Pb3 long plants over 100--$8.99 +GST ea 

When you are ready to order just phone or send an email with your contact/delivery details along with plant numbers and size . We will send you an invoice ahead of delivery.

Freight is at cost. Packaging is free. Quotes available. Contactless delivery.

Bio bag plants are easier to plant with a Rapid Planter tool.  They are ideal for slopes or difficult terrain.

Pb3 long plants are bigger and establish faster.  They install into a trench usually with a spade. 

The Vetiver planting season for Pb3 long Vetiver plants is September until March.

The Vetiver planting season for Bio bag Vetiver plants is November until February.

Vetiver roots grow quickly. This is the reason we like to grow to order.  Typically we would take your order in the winter and supply it in the spring/summer. 

However plants are available throughout the planting season, spring and summer.

It is important to receive your Vetiver plants at the correct stage.  


Pick up plants by appointment.

We take pride in only supplying certified premium grade Vetiver plants (no seconds).     



We can provide --Consultation, delivery and instalation of this living dynamic soil retaining system if required. As Vetiver is easy to install we can simply supply plants from our specialised Kerikeri nursery.


Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.

Graydon    021 205 1387






 Minimum order 25 plants.

 Pick-up from the nursery by appointment only.