Vetiver prefers a sunny location. At least 4 hours of direct sun per day(if the sun was out all day).

All weeds/grasses must be removed in the 1 metre wide planting strip up to a month prior to planting. This allows time to do a follow up spray to completely remove any new weed growth.    

Plant in Spring/Summer when soils are warm.

You will require Vetiver plants, Blood and bone fertiliser, Nitrosol liquid fertiliser, a large container or buckets to submerse plants and a spade.

Instructions for Pb3 long Vetiver plants.

* Submerge plants in nitrosol water for at least 3 minutes until the bag is saturated (Follow nitrosol packet instructions).

* Dig a trench directly across the slope a spade width across by almost spade height deep.

Sprinkle Blood & Bone in the trench.

Remove the plant bag.

* Place plants at 5 plants to the metre, 20cm centres.

Backfill the soil around each plant.

* To retain moisture and control weeds, add a heavy layer of mulch. 

* For rapid growth, foliar fertilise with Nitrosol once a week during establishment (optional).

For the smaller bio bag Vetiver plant the method is the same except a hole is drilled with a Rapid Planter tool attached to a rechargeable drill.  The bag is biodegradable so can be planted with the bag on.  This system is easier, especially on slopes.


Vetiver will be at its best with a little annual maintenance. Simply trim to knee height (500mm) and add a heavy sprinkle of blood and bone fertiliser every spring/summer. The trimmings can be directly layed down as a mulch. Never trim Vetiver in the winter. planting of "The Vetiver System" after Cyclone Wilma Jan 2011 planting April 2011 after Cyclone Wilma update of planting after Cyclone Wilma, 10 weeks growth   Planting "The Vetiver System"